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Mar 26, 2015

[Interview] Another Great Naomi Watts Interview

Naomi Watts struck by Ben Stiller's performance skills, .....and reviewed her career

Naomi Watts is adopting a new approach to her career. She's decided that she wants to explore her lighter, happier side to match the joy she's found as a mother to two boys and long-term partner of Liev Schreiber. She doesn't want to find herself threatened by Tsunamis (The Impossible), tormented by psychopaths (Funny Games) or otherwise driven to despair in her film roles. Watts began that attitudinal shift playing opposite Bill Murray in last year's St. Vincent and now she's co-starring with noted comic actor Ben Stiller in While We're Young, in which she and Stiller play a fortyish couple who recapture some of their youthful spirit by hanging around with a twenty-something hipster couple played by Amanda Seyfried and Adam Driver (Girls).......

Naomi Watts on Her 3 Toughest Scenes in While We’re Young

By Vulture Editors

In the past three years, Naomi Watts has played such varied roles as Princess Diana (Diana), a mom injured and separated from her family by the 2004 tsunami (The Impossible), a neurotic actress making her Broadway debut (Birdman), and a pregnant Russian stripper-prostitute (St. Vincent).

Her latest movie offers more proof of her seemingly unlimited range: In Noah Baumbach’s comedy While We’re Young, she co-stars with Ben Stiller as half of a 40-something married couple who befriend a pair of 20-something Bushwick hipsters (Amanda Seyfried and Adam Driver). Watts moves fluidly between playing the straight woman to a manic Stiller and battling her own character’s midlife crisis. She and Baumbach explain what they were thinking during the making of her three most memorable scenes.....

Naomi Watts out for morning coffee and school in early Spring

'While We're Young" star Naomi Watts makes a morning coffee run at Caffe Luxxe in Brentwood, California on March 25, 2015. On the day before, she was seen taking son to school in light clothing showing off her trademarked pair of slim beautiful legs.

[Article] Naomi Watts lightens up in ‘While We’re Young’

By Bob Strauss, Los Angeles Daily News

If someone told Naomi Watts to lighten up, she apparently said OK. But she did it on her own terms.

The actress who has nailed multiple shades of extreme trauma in the likes of “Mulholland Drive,” “The Ring,” “21 Grams,” “The Impossible” and many more has been going for laughs lately. Last fall, we saw her as a pregnant Russian stripper in “St. Vincent” and an actress fighting with her boyfriend/co-star through rehearsals for a stage production in “Birdman.” Now she and Ben Stiller are a 40-something couple fumbling to prove they’re not old in “While We’re Young.”

As those brief descriptions indicate, however, undercurrents of sadness ripple through all of those comic roles. For Watts, unsurprisingly, that made them even more fun.

“It was my first year of breaking through to this comedic territory because I’ve been fixed so long in the world of high drama,” says Watts, 46, in her lilting English accent. “ ‘While We’re Young,’ ‘Birdman’ and ‘St. Vincent’ all in one year; hopefully, it’s opened a door and the door will stay open just a bit.”.......

Mar 25, 2015

Naomi watts' interviews for 'While We're Young' (3x video clips)

[clip 1 - Naomi Watts just wants to dance]

*video credit: HitFix

[clip 2 - Naomi Watts Dishes on the Secret to Staying In Touch with her Inner Child]

*video credit: WonderWall

[clip 3:Naomi Watts Talks Hip Hop Dancing & Ruthlessness of Youth ]

*video credit: Rotten Tomatoes

A Minute With: Naomi Watts on comedies and 'While We're Young' (opening nationwide Mar 27, 2015)

By Alicia Avila, Reuters

After a slew of dramas including "The Impossible" and "Diana," actress Naomi Watts said she was looking for something that would "feel lighter."

Watts, 46, found herself drawn to comedies such as Noah Baumbach's "While We're Young," a look at the disconnect between Generation X and Millennials through two New York couples - Cornelia and Josh (Watts and Ben Stiller), and Jamie and Darby (Adam Driver and Amanda Seyfried).

Ahead of the film's theatrical release on Friday, Watts spoke to Reuters about her character. Following are excerpts from the interview.

Q: What attracted you to this role?

A: This feels a little bit familiar, and the juxtaposition of each couple, how different they were in the stages of their lives and how they were approaching everything, their work - it felt like a funny dynamic to be a part of.......

Naomi Watts on Conan O'Brien March 23, 2015

Watch from 17:45

*video credit: TBS